The rankings lists below are maintained and published by the club. The rankings shown here are always the most up to date. You can build your own archive by saving the .pdf on your own hard drive. Rankings are password protected.

All times achieved at licenced meets are automatically incorporated in to the club rankings. Their speed of appearance depends on when the club hosting the licenced meet uploads them to the ASA database - this is usually within 7 days of the meet. We have to manually incorporate results from non-licenced meets such as Arena, M11 and local galas, and so sometimes it can take a little longer to see these times.

For most higher level galas including Regionals and Nationals, all Level 1 and some Level 2 Open meets you will only be able to use entry times obtained at licenced meets. Click here to see a listing of English Licenced Meets. The ASA rankings database contains all these times and is now regularly updated and is easy to use. Simply type in your name or ASA number to obtain your official times for entry to major meets - ASA Offical Rankings. Licenced meet organisers will automatically check your meet entries against the ASA Rankings database and will reject your entry times (probably without repayment) if they do not comply with those in the rankings database.

Go directly to http://www.swimmingresults.org/masterseventrankings/ for Masters rankings. The ASA are currently working on a system so that we can incorporate Masters rankings and times into our own club rankings ie times achieved at Masters events will eventually be incorporated into our club rankings.

For any enquiries about rankings please click this link.


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