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How To Become an Official

Officials are those folks dressed in white that you see on poolside at all swimming galas. Without them galas can't function. They are crucialy important to swimming both in your club and in clubs throughout the country. We have a constant requirement for swimmer's parents, and older swimmers, to train as new officials.

ASA licenced galas such as our Open meets have a prescribed number of officials which need to be in attendance to meet the licencing conditions. It's only by attending these types of licenced galas that your children can achieve qualifying times for higher level meets, and for County, Regional and National level competitions. There is a constant demand for new officials because many leave the sport as their children move off to university and out of the club.

How Do I Sign Up to be an Official

First of all become a CoCSC club member by contacting the club Membership Secretary membership@cocsc.org.uk. Membership is free to those willing to train as an official. You have saved £10 a year already!

When you have filled in and returned the membership form and think you would like to train as an official the next thing to do is fill in an application form! This can be downloaded from the ASA website by clicking the following link: Officials Registration Form .

The completed form should be passed to the clubs Officals Coordinator Mark Titman who will then advise on the next steps. You can email Mark at officials@cocsc.org.uk .

The Role of Officials

There are 2 basic levels or roles:

Judge Level 1: A Judge at Level 1 is trained to carry out the following duties: Timekeeper, Chief Timekeper, Inspector of Turns Chief Inspector of Turns, Relay Take-off Judge

Judge Level 2: A Judge at Level 2 is trained to carry out the following duties: Judge of Stroke, Finish Judge and Chief Finish Judge. Training as a Starter can be incorporated as an additional skill to achieve the Judge Level 2(S) qualification. J2(S)is a pre-requisite to undertaking Referee training.

How Does the Training Work

The training for J1 Level takes place over the course of the swimming season from September to July. The training is workbook based and there will be a couple of classroom sessions which will normally be at Parkside, and practical sessions on poolside during galas where you will be mentored.

We should emphasis there is no cost involved to the individual. The club pays the ASA a small fee for your training.

Benefits of Becoming an Official

  • Increase your technical knowledge of competitve swimming
  • Supports the swimmers, club and sport
  • Most clubs/events will provide free parking or parking expenses
  • Most clubs/events will provide free entry and lunches
  • Regional and National events will provide overnight accomodation expenses
  • Looks good on CVs/Personal Statements of those doing sports A levels and GCSEs/BTechs