HL Foods Trophy Gala, Wisbech


9th July 2003

Just eight points prevented Cambridge swimmers from adding another trophy to the Parkside cabinet at the weekend. The young squad touched first 17 times - but only a dozen counted as five of the team swam so fast they went straight through the cut off times for the HL Foods Trophy Gala at Wisbech.

Helen Struthers, Sophie Nixon, Adam Scott , Karina Page and Adele Cliff swam all out, each touching with a personal best which took them ahead of the cut off times for their events.

Struthers finished on 40.98 in the 12/u fly, taking a massive four-plus seconds off the cut-off time. Nixon touched in 39.63 in the 14/u backstroke, Scott in 44.09 in the 12/u fly, Page in 38.7 in the 14/u fly and Cliff with 34.73 in the 14/u 50m free.

And there was a close shave for Alex Nixon, 10, who finished bang on the cut-off time of 45.0 in the 12/u freestyle.
Matthew Wilkinson clocked up two wins in the 14/u backstroke and freestyle with 41.19 and 36.22 respectively, with his brother Andrew also clinching first in the 10/u 50m free on 43.84. And there were first places for Catherine Redford on 57.5 in the 50m backstroke, Tarryn Hodgkiss with 46.07 in the 12/u 50m fly, Luke Westwood, 41.16 in the 14/u fly, Charlotte Redford with 56.02 in the 10/u breastroke and Jessica Hill on 50.56 in the 12/u breastroke event.

There were also wins for the relay squads with Emma Struthers, Charlotte Last, Craig Collier and Hugh Thomson first in the 9/u 4x25m medley relay, while Tarryn Hodgkiss, Adam Scott, Helen Struthers and Michael Whyatt also finished ahead in the 12/us. Sophie Nixon, Jennifer Anne Dove, Luke Westwood and Matthew Wilkinson took second place in the 14/u event.

Collier, Scott and Hodgkiss were back on the blocks along with Jasmine Corbett, Callan Swanson, Chloe Solomou, Alex Garner, Jenni Corbett, Andrew Wilkinson, Charlotte Redford, Alex Nixon, Jessica Hill, Luke Westwood, Karina Page, Matthew Wilkinson and Sophie Nixon to end the gala with a flourish, winning the 16x25m freestyle relay.

There were also strong individual performances from Alex Garner, Craig Collier, Chloe Solomou, Callan Swanson, Alex Graham, David Middleton and Jennifer Anne Dove, each claiming a second place. And those finishing third included Hugh Thomson, Emma Struthers, Alex Garner, Jenni Corbett (twice) Michael Whyatt, Craig Collier and Adam Scott., While Fay Westwood and Jasmine Corbett managed fourth places.

The final score was 120 points to home team Wisbech, 112 Cambridge, 110 Grantham, 106 Mildenhall, 82 March.

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