Junior Fenland League - April 12

14th April 2003

A stunning performance by Cambridge swimmers saw the city’s club sail into first place in the latest round of the Junior Fenland League with more than 20 points to spare.

The squad dominated the gala, held at Boston in Lincolnshire, with 25 wins out of just 39 events – as if that wasn’t enough to demonstrate they were on top form, the swimmers achieved a total of 20 personal bests between them, smashing cut off times in seven events.

Alexi Solomou opened the event with a win in the 12/u boys 100m IM on 1.29.92, which was followed up with a second place for Storm Macauley Leak in the girls IM - she touched with 1.25.87, shattering her previous personal best by more than five seconds to go through the cut off time by a clear three seconds.

Luke Westwood repeated the feat in the 13/u 100m IM, finishing first just under the cut off time on 1.26.02. And in the 13/u breastroke, again Luke went through the cut off time to claim first place with another PB of 43.03, taking two seconds off his previous best.

In the 11/u boys fly, Andy Thompson shaved another second from his PB to take first place with 42.20 as did Sophie Lanham in the 10 year old freestyle, finishing with 38.5. Michelle Page-Croft in the 13/u girls fly (37.63) and Zoe Othieno in the 10 years backstroke (43.05) also combined wins with PBs. And all four swimmers raced through the cut off times.

There were more wins teamed with PBs for the squad, including 10–year-old Jessica Hill who claimed first place despite swimming in a higher age group for the 11/u girls backstroke. Others were Anna Tenberg in the 10 years breastroke – big sister Olivia echoed the performance in the 13/u breastroke event and went on to do the same in the 13/u freestyle; Chris Budd in the boys 12/u backstroke; Andriana Korniotis in the 13/u backstroke; Adam Scott for the boys 12/u breastroke; Catherine Mumford in the girls 12/u fly.

But there were still more first places to come – two apiece for Cody Duncan in the 10 years backstroke and freestyle events, and for Amy Dive for 11/u breastroke and freestyle. Tilly Beeken won the 11/u fly, Sophie Lanham came first in the 10 years 25m fly and Andriana Korniotis claimed top place for the 13/u 100m IM. Alex Nixon swam in two freestyle events – he won his own age group, the 11/u, and claimed a PB when he competed in the same event for the age group above, the 12/u, touching second.

The nine-year-old relay squad of Amy Stevens, Charlotte Last, Craig Collier and Callum Swanson came in first, and the team finished the event with a decisive win in the squadron relay, which included of Sophie Lanham, Cody Duncan, Amy Dive, Sean Collier, Tilly Beeken, Chris Budd, Catherine Mumford and James Pugh.

James Pugh achieved a PB and two second places, for 13/u freestyle and backstroke, with Rachael Thompson also beating her previous best for a second place in the 12/u free. Alexi Solomou swam in a higher age group for the 13/u fly, gaining another PB to touch second. Victoria Way, Storm Macauley Leak and Sean Collier also claimed second places – nine-year-old Sean was back on the blocks to compete against older swimmers in the 12/u fly event, finishing a creditable third.

Development coach Elaine Hill said: “Well done team! It was a brilliant effort from everyone and a well-deserved win!”

Final points were 166 for Cambridge, 144 for host club Boston B, 114 for Downham and 85 for Bottisham. The next round of the Junior Fenland League will take place in June – Cambridge is set to host one of the galas.


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