2012 ASA East region BAGCAT Championships

By R.Kerridge

4th August 2012

City were strong in the 12 year age group, where Katie Little and Millie Emmans battled it out in the age groups points competition. Millie finished 2nd overall with Katie just behind in 3rd.

Medals a plenty came for both girls, with Katie taking gold in the 100m and 200m breaststroke, and bronze in the 100m fly, the 200m I.M. and the 400m I.M.

Millie, who favours the freestyle events, took gold in the 800m freestyle and Silvers in the 400m freestyle and the 400m IM, 200m freestyle and 200m fly. Millie also qualified for finals in the 200m breaststroke placing 4th and the 100m fly where she placed 7th.

The boys relay team, comprising Daniel Mills, Harry Robinson, Sam Pedder and Ashley Trent put on a super performance to take silver in the 4x200m freestyle, and finished just outside the medals to take 4th in the 400m freestyle, and 400m I.M. relays. The girls relay team of Emily Biggs, Rebecca Burton, Emily Taylor and Millie Emmans were 8th in the 400m freestyle relay.

13 year old Rebecca Burton was on super form in the breaststroke to take a bronze in the 100m event, while she also qualified for finals in the 200m and 100m backstroke, coming 8th and 7th. She also qualified for the 200m IM placing 4th and in the 100m fly came 6th. Becky took 4th in the 400m I.M., and was 5th in the 400m freestyle.

Sam Pedder, 12, qualified for the final of the 100m backstroke in 8th and finished in 6th. He also took 9th in the 200m breaststroke, 14th in the 400m free, 15th in the 200m free, 16th in the 200m backstroke and 18th in the 100m freestyle.

Equally, Joshua Goncalves, 12, showed strong form in qualifying for the 200m breaststroke in 8th, but he was unlucky to be disqualified in the final. He came 9th in the 100m breaststroke, 11th in the 200m I.M., and 22nd in the 100m backstroke and 24th in the longer 200m event.

Emily Biggs, 12, made the final of the 100m backstroke where she finished 5th in a time of 1.16.46, and in the 100m breaststroke final she took 7th in a time of 1.26.33. Emily also swam in the 200m breaststroke finishing in 10th, the same position she ended with in the 100m freestyle. She took 11th in both the 200m freestyle and the 200m I.M.

14 year old Dan Mills qualified for finals in the 200m butterfly where he was 6th, and the 200m freestyle where he placed 7th. Dan put in solid performances in his other events taking 8th in the 800m freestyle, 10th in the 100m free, 11th in the 200m fly, 15th in the 100m backstroke and 22nd in the 200m back. Nell Bullard, 12, fared best in her freestyle events, where she joined Katie and Millie in qualifying for the final of the 200m event, and she finished in 7th. In the 100m she was 11th and in the 100m and 200m backstroke she was 17th and 16th respectively.

Ashley Trent, 14, took part in the 100m fly the 100m and 200m backstroke, and in the freestyle competed across all the distances. Qualifying for 3 finals, Ashley’s best results came in the breaststroke where he was 5th in the 200m and 8th in the 100m events. In the 100m he again placed 8th, and in a time of 1.06.71. Harry Robinson, 14, had his best individual performance in the 100m freestyle where he placed 12th in a time of 59.95. He also was 14th in the 100m butterfly, and 18th in the 100m backstroke and 200m freestyle.

Other individual swims came from

Solomon Geilser, 12 years, was 12th in the 100m free; Sophia Rodrigues, 12 years, 13th in the 100m backstroke and 15th in the 200m backstroke; Robbie Brunton, 12 years, 19th in the 400m I.M. 5.42.58, and swam the 200m I.M.; Emily Taylor 12 years, 19th in the 100m freestyle, 26th in the 100m backstroke; Lauren Hall, 12 years, was 10th in the 100m backstroke, 12th in the 200m backstroke, and 36th in the 100m and 200m freestyle; Thomas Harrington, 12 years, placed 13th in the 200m freestyle, 17th in the 100m freestyle, 19th in the 200m backstroke, and 21st in the 100m back; Ollie Trent, 12 years, 16th in the 200m back, disqualified in the 400m I.M; George Whisken, 10 years, 21st in the 100m backstroke, 10th in the 400m and 22nd in the 200m backstroke; Hetti Vanterpool, 11 years, 22nd in the 100m freestyle; Levin Graf, 11 years, 5th in the 400 freestyle, 9th in the 400m IM, and 10th in the 100m and 200m freestyle. In the 200m breaststroke he came 16th.

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