Junior Fenland League

By J. Borrett

15th September 2010

It was an impressive win by the City of Cambridge Swimming Club at the 5th round of
 the Junior Fenland League, hosted by Kings Lynn on Saturday 11th September.

Cambridge dominated the gala, and of the 43 events Cambridge took 25, 1st places and 14, 2nd places. This was an excellent haul of points that made their 1st place in
 the gala unassailable.

Unsurprisingly the Cambridge team's efforts produced
 a great number of personal improvements, with a total of 28 "Personal Bests"
 being recorded by the following swimmers: Angus Bean, Catherine Gray, Louis
 Banyard, Josh Borrett, Edward Bullock, Nicole Bradford, Charlie Fynn, Sophia
 Rodrigues, Jessica Harrington, Grace Axon, Lisanne Heinz, Joshua Goncalves, 
Claire Shawcross, James Tapley, Elizabeth Minshall, Ed Laing, Susanna
Fraser, Felix Kerridge-Kelly, Robert Sewell, Jade Drain.

In addition to
 these swimmers with Personal Bests, the team had several winning swimmers in
 George Laing and Levin Graf.

Also swimming well for the team were Ryanne
 Bailey and Alys Chaffey-Ferdin. Congratulations City of Cambridge on your
 resounding win and letís keep up the good performances for the final!

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