Club Champs - 17/11/02 report


19th November 2002

Club Champs - 17/11/02

Fresh from their resounding victory in the Cambs Cup in the afternoon, many of the swimming club’s trophy competitors were back on the blocks for the annual club championships.

And there were some startling results, with club records falling in the onslaught from the fired up swimmers in the first leg of the competition, battling it out for breastroke and freestyle titles.

Among the highlights was Soraya Sassani’s performance – the 10-year-old smashed the existing 100m breastroke record for her age group by 15 seconds and then hammered home her point by lifting the 200m freestyle trophy with a time eight seconds faster than the existing record.

Over in the boys 10 years age group, Alexander Nixon demolished the 200m freestyle record by 12 seconds, while the runner-up in that event, Andy Thompson, also set a new record in the 10 years 100m breastroke, this time swapping places with Alex, who took silver to Andy’s gold. Ashley Gilmour took bronze in both events.

For the 13s, Rachel Loudain broke the club record for the 100m breastroke by two seconds and the 200m freestyle by three.

Cody Duncan won both the nine-year-old 25m freestyle and 25m breastroke events with Sean Collier and Max Macauley Leak taking silver and bronze in both events.

And there was another double in the nine-year-old girls events - Jessica Hill lifted the trophy in both. Zoe Othieno and Sophie Lanham were second and third in the free while Anna Tenberg and Lottie Sharp took silver and bronze for the breastroke.

Sibling success abounded as Jessica’s brother Jeff won the 13s 200m freestyle, and there was another Tenberg, Olivia, taking home a medal - gold this time - for the 12s 100m breastroke. Eleven-year-old Storm Macauley Leak, won the trophy for her performance, again in the 100m breastroke, as well as a silver medal to Sophie McGowan’s gold in the 11s 200m freestyle.

There were double wins for Ashley Morris and Hannah Edwards who took trophies for the 14s in both events, with Miriam Crawford also winning both events in the 15s age group and Mark Taylor repeating the feat in the 16s.

Adam Oakman won both the 12s free and breastroke, with Richard Sales runner up in each event. Luke Westwood took the breastroke bronze medal with George Crofts in third place in the free.

Silver in the 12s breastroke went to Michelle Page Croft with Karina Page third. Michelle took the trophy in the 12s 200m freestyle and Karina repeated her bronze performance with Rebecca Lanham taking silver.

Harry Douglas clinched gold in the 11s free and added bronze in the breastroke, while Chris Budd took silver in both events. Adam Scott was the 11s breastroke winner with Callum Attfield taking bronze in the freestyle.

Eileen Gallagher took first place in the 16s breastroke with Louise Kedge winning the freestyle in the same age group and Andrew Diplock taking the trophy for the 15s boys freestyle.

Rachael Thompson was in bronze position in the 11s freestyle while second and third in the 11s breastroke went to Catherine Mumford and Tarryn Hodgkiss.


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