21st June 2002

Team Spirit was running high on Saturday after the last two galas. The amount of support from the team was again to be praised. Throughout the whole gala there were some very close races and the effort that each swimmer gave was impressive. Not one individual could be singled out, because this truly was a team event, with encouragement from the team for each swimmers individual race. Event 39 Squadron Relay arrived, Cambridge had a points total of 161 we had already won the gala, but again team spirit was on a high and we won the Squadron Relay by 3.43seconds with a time of 2.10.80 . Coach Elaine Hill was very proud of the Teamís dazzling performance.

Below are place results:
1st places went to:
Michelle Page-Croft 12/u 4 x 1 I/m 1.25.02
Scott Gilmour 13/u 50m B/c 39.91
Andy Thompson 10 yrs 50m Br/s 51.15
George Crofts 12/u 50m Free 33.81
Steven Kirkup 13/u 50m Br/s 46.29
Matilda Beeken 10yrs 50m B/c 42.95
Adam Oakman 12/u 50m B/c 39.25
James Gallagher 13/u 50m Fly 39.09
Lizzie Harling 13/u 50m Fly 37.89
Helen Struthers 10yrs 50m Free 38.73
Richard Sales 12/u 50m Br/s 43.40
George Crofts 13/u 50m Free 33.33
Lizzie Harling 13/u 50m Free 32.18
Amy Dive 10yrs 25m Fly 22.00
Harry Douglas 11/u 50m Br/s 48.04
Lizanne Kroon 11/u 50m Br/s 45.15
Adam Oakman 12/u 50m Fly 36.66
Mxd 9yrs Medley Relay 1.25.00
Squadron Relay
8 x 25m Free 2.10.80
2nd Places
Alice Marks 13/u 50m B/c 38.71
Amy Dive 10yrs 50m Br/s 50.32
Chris Budd 11/u 50m Fly 43.74
Olivia Tenberg 12/u 50m Free 34.86
Deme Trayhurn-Kyprianou 13/u 50m Br/s 45.27
Harry Douglas 11/u 50m Free 36.80
Helen Struthers 11/u 50m Free 38.74
Michelle Page-Croft 12/u 50m B/c 39.16
Alex Nixon 10yrs 50m Free 40.03
Chris Budd 11/u 50m B/c 44.65
Karina Page 12/u 50m Br/s 46.04
Andy Thompson 10yrs 25m Fly 22.65
Michelle Page-Croft 12/u 50m Fly 40.39
James Gallagher 13/u 4 x 25m I/M 1.25.02

3rd Places:
Mixed 9yrs Freestyle Relay 1.14.57
Ashley Gilmour 10yrs 50m B/c 48.07
Matilda Beeken 11/u 50m B/c 43.66

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