Some examples of the competitions we take part in are shown below.

City of Cambridge Swimming Club Championships (For individuals)

These are held every year, at time determined by the ASA calendar, the Club calendar and by pool availability. They cover most strokes over a variety of distances. Every single swimmer in the Club should enter. For the last few years they have been held in September/October

The Championships may take place over several weekends and evenings. They provide an opportunity to gain competition experience in a Club environment and can also be the spur to getting that new personal best (PB) time.

Races are swum in age groups. Cups, medals and prizes are awarded. A BAGCATS (British Age Group Attainments) points system operates to recognise overall achievement. BAGCATS scoring will also be used at County and National championships.

The Club Championships provide an opportunity to see swimmers at all levels of ability compete. This is particularly useful to new members, who can get an idea of what they may be capable of in the future.

Its also good for younger swimmers to gain enter their first gala in a relaxed atmosphere in a pool they are familiar with.

Cambridgeshire County Championships (Individuals, except relays)

These are for 10 years and up and are held annually. Most recently the venues have been shared by Whittlesey Leisure Centre and Parkside Pool, with long course events at Corby. The Club encourages all members to enter.

The Championships are divided into 2 parts. The Development Championships are held in November. Entries for all the galas are determined by qualifying time. There are no entry times for the Development Championships but if your time for an event is faster than an upper time limit, you will have to swim the event at the Senior County Championships. These are held in January.

The County Championships also include team relay events in age groups, which you may be asked to compete in, even if you are not swimming in individual events. The rules are subject to change by the County ASA

County Galas (Team)

The team for the County is selected by the Cambridgeshire County Team Managers and is by invitation only.

Regional and National Championships (Individuals)

Beyond County Championships, swimmers strive for qualification for the East Region Championships which are held annually. Swimmers are from all clubs affiliated to the ASA East Region. Entries will only be accepted if certain qualifying times (that are set annually) have been met. These times have to be achieved at a 'Designated' event. Similarly National qualifying times have to be achieved for entry into National events.

M11 League (Team)

This league involves swimmers in the 9-12 years age group. The M11 league is an established and very competitive league consisting of two divisions, with relegation and promotion between the two. We gained promotion from Division 2 into Division 1 in our first year in the league, and retained our position in the top division in 2014 our second season! The winners of the top division qualify for the southern Jnr league final competing against the winners of the other leagues in the south. The top four from this event then go on to compete at the National Jnr league Final against the top four teams from the North.

As a club this is the biggest and most prestigious team meet for our Junior swimmers. Swimmers are selected to take part and is important to be available to swim for the team and put your training into practice. Remember if you have been asked to swim it is because your coach thinks you are the best swimmer to compete in a race! This event provides the chance for swimmers to develop their race skills in a friendly but competitive team environment and is perfect preparation for all swimmers looking to go on to compete in the Arena League Team and at Regional and National levels.

There are 49 races (individual and relays) competed in each round with one swimmer per club in each race (except the relays). The races are across all 4 strokes, for boys and girls, in the following age groups:

9 yrs

10 yrs and under

11/U yrs

12/U yrs

The age group you compete in is determined by your age on the day of the final (28th June this year). So a child who is, for example 9 yrs in May might be 8 yrs when competing in round 1 but is eligible to swim as they will be 9 yrs before 28th June.

Points are awarded for a swimmers position in each race and the points are added up to give an overall point's score at the end of the event (i.e. this is a team event!)

This league consists of 3 rounds of swimming. As it is a Team Event, all swimmers are expected to stay until the end to support the other swimmers from their team. Sometimes a team bus will be provided for events which are further away (this will be indicated on the e-mail with the team selection). Where a bus is provided, swimmers are expected to travel on the bus to help promote team spirit.

Cambs Cup (Team)

This is a local event for Cambridgeshire Clubs. Teams are selected with the objective of winning this event.

Open Events (Individual)

These are competitions hosted by a club. Swimmers must submit personal entry forms to compete. The Clubs fixture list will identify which Open's the coaches would expect members of appropriate squads to enter, as they need to fit in to the training programme and cycle.

Entry forms will be distributed by the Club for Open's that your coaches wish you to enter. At these events you will be competing against other swimmers from other club's and districts. The times you achieve may be recognised for entry into Midland District and National events.

Team Selection

For all Team events selection of our Team is made by the coaches. Team lists are usually circulated by e-mail. Coach transport is occasionally available for team competitions. If transport is provided this information will be sent along with the team selection.

County Records

If a swimmer achieves a county record time, they or their parents should obtain a County Record Form from the Club Secretary. They should complete the form and send it to the County Records Secretary together with a copy of the official result sheet that confirms the time, date, venue and event. County Records must be claimed within three months of the swim.

Time Trials (Individuals)

These are not competitions, but are arranged by the coaches to find out what your latest times are. Some competitions require that you meet a qualifying time and time trials can give you the chance to achieve this.

Many external competitions require that you submit your time for each event that you enter, that has to be validated by a Club Official. This is an ASA requirement. It ensures that you are then fairly entered into the heat that reflects your standard of swimming. If you wish to enter a competition but do not have a recorded time, please speak to your coach.